10 Best Boxing Gloves on the Market Under $100 2021

Boxing gloves are a necessary but sometimes difficult find. Luckily, we've taken the guesswork out for you by sorting through all of your options and finding which ones stand up as some of today's top 10 best- sellers.

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Boxing gloves can be a tough decision. There are so many different options out there, and each pair is slightly different from the next! Take your time in choosing which ones will work best for you.

The following information will help guide your decision; And while there may seem like an endless number of options out there – each pair being different. Many boxing glove brands exist today with each distinct design tailored towards certain activities or goals.

MMA fighter Gezary dos Santos has this advice: “You want them comfortable but also tough enough where they won’t break after one or two hits.”


Our Editor Choice For 2021

Venum Challenger 2.0

Based on our experience, we recommend Venum Elite Boxing Gloves because they offer excellent protection and feel while still being lightweight enough for daily use.


Choose by Your Main Goal

Venum Challenger 2.0 Image from Amazon USA

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Most Professional, Most Safe

The Venum boxing gloves are made in Thailand, and people know them for being one of the best, high-quality, durable gloves you could buy. You can fight over and over again and they can still protect you.

If you check out the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, you might quickly notice they’re made of durable leather that’s both eye-catching and immensely sturdy. Thus, the gloves offer elite quality in all your fights since they are handmade and fabricated in Thailand. When they arrive at your doorstep, you simply have to start practicing and enjoy their features.

Additionally, the Venum boxing gloves have reinforced palms. In other words, you can safely use them and they can protect you at all times. Since they also include triple density foam, you get fantastic shock absorption features as well.

Boxing and practicing similar sports requires you to buy long-lasting items. Otherwise, you might feel unsure about trusting your gear.

When it comes to boxing gloves, you should keep a few things in mind. Having padded palms is important, but you should never forget about the seams. Fortunately, the Venum boxing gloves give you wonderful options when it comes to both aspects.

All the seams in the Venum training gloves are strong and can provide high-quality outcomes even on a long-term basis. Furthermore, there are a number of colors available, so you can choose the one you like the best.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best boxing gloves, this pair is definitely one you should evaluate among your top list of alternatives. Venum is a brand that cares about giving you top-quality options, and you can use these gloves regardless of your sparring experience or background.

RDX Boxing Gloves on amazon usa

RDX Boxing Gloves for Sparring, Muay Thai & Martial Arts

Best Cost-Effective

Finding the best boxing gloves often takes a lot of time, especially if you’ve never read any customer reviews and don’t know where to start looking. However, if you check out what other fighters think about several models, you might quickly notice that RDX gloves are on top of many people’s lists.

Cheap gloves might be an easy way to start fighting, but if you want high-quality boxing gear that offers you wrist protection, knuckle protection, injected molded foam, and a protective inner lining, you should get real leather, top-of-the-notch boxing gloves.

You don’t need to buy the highest quality gloves to get excellent wrist protection. Nonetheless, you do need to know what you’re doing, otherwise, you might not have the information available to choose a well as the best MMA fighters.

The RDX boxing gloves are one of the best sports gear you should buy if you care about the aforementioned characteristics. Michael Chandler, the three-time Bellator Lightweight World Champion is one of the most famous users of this model, which is a great reference to keep in mind.

Getting the RDX training gloves gives you a combination of the best features you could ask for in a boxing glove: shock suppression, protection, high-quality materials, durability, and trustworthiness.

Additionally, the RDX boxing gloves are made of top-quality leather, which means they endure for a long time, regardless of your fighting experience. Whether you’re a beginner who’s barely learning the basics, or an advanced fighter who throws some strong punches, these sparring gloves might be the right option for you.

With an immensely compressed bar, you can get a strong fist each time you put the gloves on. Their padding makes them very resistant as well, which means you can easily endure the high-intensity forces coming your way.

The RDX’s loop and hook are also top features you might love. You get a full wrap from the first moment you put the sparring gloves on, and you can easily take them off as well. Lastly, since the training gloves include a high-technology Equilibrium Sheet, it absorbs the impact and redistributes the force each time you’re using them.

FIGHTER Boxing Gloves on amazon usa

Boxing Gloves by FIGTHR

Most Comfortable

FIGHTR is a famous brand, and many people know it because of the famous motto ‘become a FIGHTR.’ Their performance is one of the best ones compared to other models, and that’s something you may want to keep in mind when you’re choosing the training gloves you’re going to buy.

Buying the FIGHTR gloves gives you a fantastic ventilation system you can enjoy in all your training sessions. At the same time, they have extra padding, so your hands are always protected.

This pair of Muay Thai boxing gloves is made of genuine leather and soft material on the inside. Therefore, you get both a comfortable inside and a strong exterior side.

Fighters who like choosing the color of their boxing gloves also usually love the FIGHTR gloves since you have three different combinations to pick from. Thus, you can simply decide which one you like the best and start using it in your training sessions!

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that FIGHTR is based in Germany. In other words, top German designers have created the one-of-a-kind boxing glove you’re going to be holding in your hands. Experts have made sure you always get the best features, regardless of whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or an advanced-level fighter.

Many customers have said the FIGHTR gloves are extremely comfortable, and that they fit well in their fists. Since the color schemes are so simple, your hands can look luxurious and sleek while you’re wearing the training gloves.

Lastly, the FIGHTR sparring gloves are perfect for many hand sizes. Thus, you don’t need to worry about whether or not they might fit – the design team behind this model has ensured any type of fighter can wear them.

Sanabul Essential Gel on amazon usa

Gel Boxing Gloves by Sanabul

Most Durable

Sanabul is one of the most famous brands out there, especially when it comes to high-level performances. Therefore, if you want to get the best outcomes each time you practice combat sport, this option with gel-infused padding might be what you’re looking for.

Pro gloves are not easy to find, and you may need them for your intense training sessions. Thus, if you want the best boxing gloves, you have to know what you’re looking for. Sanabul’s model offers wonderful features, such as a powerful hook and loop closure, wrist support, and much more.

Sanabul’s Muay Thai boxing gloves are very popular, and different famous fighters have used them, such as Guilherme Vasconcelos, Mike Bisping, Sean “Sugar” O’Malley, TJ Dillashaw, and Alan Jouban.

Sometimes, there are too many training gloves on the market, and you might not know how to choose. However, you should keep in mind that genuine leather gloves with gel-infused foam are not always easy to find.

People who want Muay Thai gloves or MMA gloves should always buy from brands like Sanabul. These winning gloves come in different sizes, so you only need to check and identify the one that suits your hands the best.

Additionally, buying the Sanabul Muay Thai boxing gloves is also a fantastic idea if you want to have different color options to choose from. The brand gives you everything from essential colors (black, blue, red, etc.) to more extravagant alternatives like funk strikes.

Style and size both matter when you’re buying boxing gloves, especially if you’re practicing Muay Thai or other similar combat sports. Therefore, the best boxing glove for you might be different from other fighters’ favorite picks, so you should always purchase whatever fulfills your individual requirements.

Winning gloves can be hard to find, but Sanabul’s pair is ideal for Muay Thai practice. Moreover, they offer more features than what you might believe at first, which is why they function better than other alternatives.

The boxing gloves by Sanabul are unique and special because their design fits your hand’s curvature, and they can give you a wonderful sense of closure each time you strike. Professional boxers have used them, so you can definitely try them out in your next bag training!


Boxing Gloves by Fistrage FR

Most Padded

If you’re looking for exceptional quality, the best boxing gloves might be at the plain sight: Fistrage FR’s option. Even though there are a few alternatives out there, this one offers fantastic features at an affordable price.

Practicing combat sports often requires you to have real leather boxing gloves that can protect your hands and provide you with proper wrist support. Top-of-the-notch gear must ensure you’re always safe while you’re practicing martial arts, bag training, or similar activities, and that’s exactly what the Fistrage FR option guarantees.

Each time you’re doing bag training with horrible gloves, your hands could get hurt, which is why cheaper gloves are so dangerous to use.

You don’t necessarily need to buy very expensive gloves, but you should purchase an item that fits perfectly, and that can protect your hands, absorb shock, and give you all the power you need.

Winning boxing gloves are sometimes hard to identify, but Fistrage FR’s model is one of the best alternatives you could buy. The sparring gloves are made of matte leather, and their foam padding makes them immensely comfortable.

Additionally, this quality pair of boxing gloves include a mesh palm, which helps regulate heat even in the most intense situations. Since their palms are very strong, they also offer maximum absorption.

Another feature you should keep in mind when buying sparring gloves is the thumb’s positioning, especially if you’re thinking about practicing in a boxing gym, or if you’re already experienced in Muay Thai and similar sports. Without a correct thumb placement, you could easily get injuries.

Fortunately, Fistrage FR’s boxing gloves offer you a fully attached thumb, which means that you can prevent damage to your hands, as well as involuntary injuries.

This pair of boxing gloves is an ideal option to use with a heavy bag, to practice Muay Thai, and many other sports. They’re extremely versatile, offer you wrist support, and they’re top boxing gloves for beginners due to their comfortable padding and secure design.


Velo Store Boxing Gloves

Most Beautiful

Some people enjoy choosing classic-looking boxing gloves because they prefer simple options. They love their time with a heavy bag, they want to ensure they have proper wrist support and hand wraps, but they don’t really care about whether or not the gloves look very attractive while they’re fighting. However, not everyone is like that.

Standard boxing gloves always offer you the best features, which is why most are not made of synthetic leather, even if they’re boxing gloves for beginners. In other words, top-of-the-notch models always give you high-quality materials, foam padding, and characteristics that can ensure they might last a long time.

However, not all sparring glove options are particularly attractive, and if you care about style, you might want to find a beautiful alternative. Fear not because Velo’s option is here for you: the boxing gloves are so appealing you might not want to waste any more time and get them right away!

Velo’s boxing gloves come in three different color combinations, including black and gold. Thus, from the first moment you see them, you might think they look elegant, luxurious, and incredibly beautiful. They’re famous among Muay Thai fighters who want more than just foam padding and wrist support.

Furthermore, if you buy this option, you get lighter gloves than people who choose different ones, and that’s very convenient, especially if you’re a beginner. The thick padding on them also ensures your hands are always safe, but it doesn’t make them hot since the inside is made of mesh.

Overall, Velo’s boxing gloves are a fantastic choice if you want a light pair of gloves that supports you while you’re fighting, but also looks incredible. Even though the foam padding is effective, it never hinders your speed, so you can still enjoy your time when practicing your favorite sport.

Liberlupus Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves by Men & Women by Liberlupus

The Rising Star

Combat fitness is one of the most exciting sports to practice. However, to take things to the next level, you have to buy the best boing gloves available. Once you hold Liberlupus’ pair of gloves in your hands, you can quickly realize that they can change everything about your strikes!

Training to improve your strikes can be immensely fun. You may become stronger, faster, and your health can improve since you’re doing physical activity. Nonetheless, you need sports gear that protects your hands, otherwise, you might suffer from many injuries, and even stop practicing due to pain or bodily issues.

The best boxing glove alternatives are sometimes challenging to identify, but Liberluplus’ option is unique, innovative, and offers fantastic features. There’s a size chart available for you to pick the pair of gloves that fits you the best, so you never need to worry about them not fitting properly.

Additionally, Liberlupus cares about giving you the best boxing gloves, which is why the design team wants to make sure they last a long time. Thus, they include cleaning tips in the gloves’ information. You should try to wash them by hand, and try to avoid using any sort of strong acid.

Breathable mesh is on the inside of these gloves, and you also get awesome wrist support that can perfectly fit your hand. Furthermore, the model is made of top-of-the-notch premium leather, and that ensures that it can last for a long time.

Fighting gloves don’t need to be simple or boring. On the contrary, you can find beautiful gloves that boost your mood and enhance your practicing experience – the model by Liberlupus is the perfect example of that.

With Liberluplus’ boxing glove alternative, you can choose among three different color options: black, black and gold, and pink and white. Therefore, you have the opportunity of deciding which of them fits your style.

Undoubtedly, Liberlupus gloves are one of the best boxing gloves you could buy. They’re convenient, they protect your hands and wrists, and they’re perfect for many combat activities such as kickboxing, boxing MMA, Muay Thai, and sparring.

Everlast Boxing Gloves on amazon usa

Training Boxing Gloves by Everlast

Most Ventilated

Everlast also offers an incredible pair of gloves you should consider, especially if you want to strike heavy bags while your hands are safe. You can buy them in three different sizes, and all you need to do is to examine the chart to see which one is the ideal fit for your hand.

One of the best features of Everlast’s pair of gloves is that they have a grip cord inside them, which ensures you get extra protection each time you use them. While other boxing gloves might seem heavier and more convenient for bag work, if you’re in a boxing match, you might want to wear something that always keeps your hands safe.

Furthermore, they are among the best boxing gloves list because they have an Evercool mesh ventilation system that includes several panels. Therefore, your hands can stay cool even when you’re practicing kickboxing and other combat sports.

When you’re buying competition gloves, you probably want to find a pair that lets you practice your heavy-bag striking, but also protects your hands. Sometimes, that might be hard, especially if you care about bad odors.

Since you’re doing bag work or practicing different sports, sweating is completely normal. However, that doesn’t mean your gloves must smell bad. Unfortunately, not all boxing glove options offer features to help with that issue.

Everlast’s heavy-bag gloves offer you an Everfresh antimicrobial treatment to diminish the bad odors and guarantee you always have the best experience while you’re fighting. Other gloves might have a beautiful design, but they don’t have the features that this model can give you.

In terms of the appearance of these boxing gloves, they are very simple compared to different alternatives. You can only buy them in red, so you don’t get that many options.

Lastly, keep in mind that Everlast’s model is on the best boxing gloves list because they’re extremely convenient, particularly when you want to keep your hands and wrists safe. Thus, you might not get that many design options, but you do have other fantastic features you should consider before making your purchase choice.

FightX Boxing Gloves on amazon usa

Boxing Gloves for Men & Women by FightX

Cheapest Alternative

Keeping your energy levels high is not easy for everyone, and in many cases, you may want to try new things to ensure you’re always fit. Consequently, doing heavy-bag training might have crossed your mind, which means you need to find the best boxing gloves on the market.

Although heavy-bag training sounds straightforward, only the best boxing gloves can guarantee your hands are protected while you’re striking the bag. Therefore, you need to learn to differentiate between synthetic leather options and genuine leather ones, as well as determine if you want velcro straps, full padding, and so on.

Overall, you have to identify the features you need before buying the best boxing gloves. Otherwise, you might not be able to get what you need. Luckily, FightX’s option has wonderful characteristics many fighters love, which is why the model is so popular.

The bag gloves by FightX look and work incredibly. Although their exterior might appear to be too good to be true, they are top-tier sports gear, which makes them a very famous alternative you can buy.

If you buy this pair, you get a sturdy and long-lasting leather exterior, and an interior that includes thick padding to keep your palms safe. They can absorb the shock of all the punches people throw at you in your fights, and that’s one of the essentials of practicing combat sports.

New gloves are sometimes uncomfortable, but the thick foam padding inside these bag gloves ensures that you never feel that way. Instead, you can use them for a long time without experiencing tiredness or weariness, and that’s an immense advantage compared to other models.

FightX’s bag gloves are very versatile as well. Therefore, you can use them if you love boxing, kickboxing, sparring, May Thai, and much more. You only need to choose your favorite activity, and start having fun!

Adidas Hybrid 100 on amazon usa

Adidas Boxing Gloves

The Branded One

The last pair of gloves on this list is a part of Adidas’ collection of sports gear. They’re one of the best options you could buy if you’re a beginner because they’re easy to maintain, they have a unique design, and you can use them in a number of different physical activities.

If you’re looking for incredible protection while you’re sparring or practicing boxing, kickboxing, or similar activities, you might want to check out Adidas’ option. The bag gloves have a one-piece mold that steadily supports your wrist and ensures you never suffer any injuries during your training sessions.

Many people say Adidas’gloves are a fantastic option for both women and men, and that’s very convenient if you’re unsure about the size of the gloves.

Sometimes, other models might not offer ideal sizing options, but that doesn’t happen with this pair. Overall, this alternative might also be what you’re looking for if you want to have long-lasting training sessions without sweating too much.

Buying Adidas gloves is always a good idea since they’re made of top-quality polyurethane, so they’re immensely durable. You probably need something that lasts a long time without suffering from any damage, and this is one of the best options you could pick.

The REACH absorption technology on this pair of gloves ensures they absorb all the punches people throw at you. Additionally, they feature an ergonomic grip bar that gives you a sturdy grip as your hand is always on the correct form. Thus, you’re not prone to injuries.

Furthermore, these gloves have integrated mesh inside them, and that serves several purposes. On the one hand, it allows your palms to have ventilation, so you don’t have to feel so hot while you’re wearing them.

On the other hand, the mesh improves the gloves’ durability and their strength, so it can help you strike with force each time you’re practicing.

All types of athletes can enjoy Adidas’ gloves since they can take advantage of their ergonomic shape to punch harder, faster, and with more agility, and they can still protect their hands while they do so.

Even though the gloves’ features are crucial for your decision-making process, you might also want to know whether or not Adidas offers different design options. Fortunately, the brand cares a lot about customer experience, which is why you have various alternatives to choose from.

You could, for example, pick a black and red pair, a black and white one, a red and blue one, or even a black and gold one. Examine all the options and decide which one you like the best!



There are many pairs of boxing gloves available. Some are made of synthetic leather, others include a velcro strap, etc. Thus, all of them have unique features you must examine before making your purchase. Evaluate all your options, and make sure you choose the ideal pair for you.

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