5 Best Boxing Gloves Women Boxers Need Under $100 2021

In recent years, there has been an increase in competent women entering the boxing arena. Boxing provides an unrivaled intense workout. It helps to clear the mind while also toning the body and boosting fitness levels. Boxing gloves are as essential to boxers as running shoes are to professional runners or athletes, but, sadly, choices for boxing gloves for women have not expanded at the same rate as the sport itself. Most of the options available online are designed for men and not for women's hands that tend to be smaller.

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Finding the perfect pair of boxing gloves is an essential part of staying protected while participating in boxing. The ideal pair of gloves can help you improve your combat skills while remaining comfortable.

We take a glance at some of the best women’s boxing gloves in the United States in this buyer’s guide so that you can find one that’s right for you.

Five Best Womens Boxing Gloves

Choosing gloves designed for men should never be an option, as a poor fit could result in poor support and ultimately injury.

Here are some of the best womens boxing gloves in the US:

  1. Ringside Women’s IMF Tech 10- or 12-ounce Training Gloves for Women
  2. Everlast Elite Pro Style 12-ounce Training Gloves for Women
  3. Sanabul 8-ounce Essential Gel Boxing Gloves for Women
  4. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves for Women
  5. Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves for Women

Ringside Women’s IMF Tech 10- or 12-ounce Training Gloves


  • Authentic look that is guaranteed to have you taken seriously
  • Breathable inner lining
  • Produced by a trustworthy brand
  • High-quality
  • Visually appealing design
  • Great for Muay Thai boxing


  • More expensive than other gloves, but because of their quality, these gloves are a good investment
  • Only two weight options are available

Ringside is an authentic boxing glove brand, and its products are well-known amongst boxers, having consistently outperformed its competitors for many generations, producing some of the best boxing gloves on the market.

These IMF tech womens boxing gloves are ideal for self-assured female boxers searching for a pair of gloves to help them improve their boxing skills.

Their soft leather and contoured vinyl make them resilient, long-lasting, and visually appealing. They have an appealing, authentic look that is sure to be taken seriously in training facilities and gyms.

These gloves are great for everyday training, which includes light sparring, and can be purchased in 10- or 12-ounce versions. There are also two color options, namely pink and black, or white and blue.

The attached thumb of the glove, combined with its foam padding, provides adequate cushioning to absorb even the most powerful blows and aid in reducing the risk of injury. Mesh lining makes them breathable, which is a great feature, as boxing gloves tend to get sweaty and smelly over time.

These boxing gloves also have a four-inch hook and loop Velcro strap to keep them securely in place to ensure that they do not get in your way or come off while you are boxing.

You can find the Ringside Women’s IMF Tech 10- or 12-ounce Training Gloves on Amazon.

Everlast Elite Pro Women on Amazon USA

Everlast Elite Pro Style 1


  • Exceptional value for money
  • Made by a trusted brand
  • Additional wrist support
  • Great price
  • Synthetic leather is long-lasting
  • Mesh for increased breathability
  • Good gloves for Muay Thai boxing
  • Attractive design


  • Only available in black/pink option
  • The wrist strap is not adjustable
  • Only one weight option

Almost all professional boxers are familiar with the Everlast brand of women’s gloves. It is another authentic brand that has been around for decades, producing high-quality contact sports and general sports merchandise.

It has also been known to have sponsored numerous professional athletes, so you cannot go wrong when buying from such a reputable company.

These gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather, which makes them durable, comfortable to wear, and long-lasting.

They also have a mesh lining to provide extra breathability. Wrist support has also been incorporated into the design to give the user additional protection and comfort even if they decide to punch harsher surfaces from different angles.

Given that the boxing gloves are designed specifically for female fighters, they are incredibly affordable, providing outstanding value for money as one of the best boxing gloves for those on a budget.

You can find the Everlast Elite Pro Style 12-ounce Training Gloves on Amazon.

Sanabul Essential Gel on amazon usa

Sanabul 8-, 12-, 14-ounce Essential Gel Boxing Gloves


  • Good quality Velcro straps
  • Several color options to choose from
  • Great price
  • Unique gel-infused padding for extra shock absorption and protection
  • Well-designed fit
  • They can be used as bag or training gloves


  • No cons to report

The Essential Gel boxing gloves from Sanabul are among the best boxing gloves for women because they are low-cost and great for beginners. These gloves are high in quality and last long because of the high-performance engineered leather used in their design.

They are called essential gel boxing gloves because of the gel foam padding that is used in their makeup to provide the ultimate protection for the hands and wrists.

These can be used for a range of boxing activities, including light sparring, training on heavy bags, and mitt work.

The gloves are held in place by a Velcro closure and offer excellent shock absorption. Their mesh lining, like the other two options mentioned above, keeps the hands cool and prevents the buildup of sweat.

These gel-infused boxing gloves also have a longitudinal arch design, which simply means that they were made to fit the hand’s natural curve to allow proper closure of the fists while boxing.

A noteworthy point is that these gloves are available in a wide range of colors, so they are the best boxing gloves for those searching for those hoping to find something more personalized.

You can find the Sanabul 8-, 12-, 14-ounce Essential Gel Boxing Gloves on Amazon.

Hayabusa T3 on amazon usa

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves (Available in a Range of Weights)


  • Available in several different styles, colors, and weights
  • Great support structure
  • Long-lasting bag gloves
  • Velcro strap system provides additional wrist support
  • Synthetic leather for added quality and durability
  • A good option for women with smaller hands


  • These are bag gloves, so they aren’t suitable for other boxing activities
  • They tend to be tight on the hands
  • A bit more costly than the other choices

Okay, maybe it’s a bit over $100, But the Hayabusa T3 gloves are the type of boxing gloves you need if you want to stand out in the boxing ring. They have one of the most attractive boxing glove designs with a plethora of great features for the price.

These boxing gloves for women and men provide unrivaled support for the wrist, and they are twins special Velcro gloves that allow you to throw harder punches.

The manufacturers have used engineered leather for these gloves for improved quality. Its seams are also well-secured and can withstand heavy handling from regular practice.

With their three layers of protection, the Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves have been designed with the boxer in mind.

The gloves also include premium knuckle protection technology that uses additional padding to protect the knuckles, distributing shock evenly and preventing injury to the user. Its unique dual Velcro gloves strap system is also excellent for wrist protection.

Another great thing to love about these bag gloves is that they are available in an array of different styles, colors, and weights, including 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, and 18- ounce versions, so there’s no need to shop around if you require a range of weights.

You can find the Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves on Amazon.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Image from Amazon USA

Venum Challenger 2.0 8-, 10-, and 12-ounce Boxing Gloves for Women


  • The logo printed on the glove’s surface give it an attractive style
  • Outstanding support for the wrists
  • Good shock absorption
  • Great options to choose from
  • Durable


  • Unsuitable for heavy bag training
  • Not suitable for experienced boxers

The Venum Challenger 2.0 boxing gloves are the right gloves for those just starting out in boxing. It is a low-cost, but attractive boxing glove for female boxers and is available in a variety of appealing color options.

They also have a large image of the company’s logo on it, giving them a more athletic appearance.

These gloves have a hybrid leather external layer that provides protection for women’s hands while also giving them a sleeker appearance. Because of its smoothness, the surface is easy to clean and maintain. You can simply wipe the dirt away.

You don’t have to be concerned about injury when using Venum Challenger 2.0 because it incorporates three layers of protection built-in protection.

These layers help to absorb and distribute the shock of your punches, preventing them from causing harm to your hands or wrists or to your opponent.

You can find the Venum Challenger 2.0 8-, 10-, and 12-ounce Boxing Gloves for Women on Amazon.


A Few Other Options to Consider

If you aren’t entirely convinced by the options we have listed above, or would like to check out a few more options before making your choice, here are more boxing gloves for women to have a look at:

  • Twins Special Velcro Gloves
  • RDX F7 Women Training Boxing Gloves
  • Kali Star 12-ounce Power Gloves
  • Bia Boxing Gloves in Dark Rose
  • Machina Boxing Carbonado Gloves
  • Hawk Pink Boxing Gloves
  • Rumble Premium RMBL Rose Gold Leather Gloves

Why Womens Boxing Gloves Are Essential

Boxing gloves provide important protection for those practicing the sport, and they reduce the impact of each blow for the person throwing punches and for the one receiving them. They do this by distributing the force over the glove rather than the fist or hand.

All types of impact boxing involve the generation of a substantial amount of force that is produced in your knuckles, hands, and wrists, so it is vital to protect them with boxing gloves and wraps, allowing you to keep practicing and training without being injured.

Whether you are an experienced or established fighter or a beginner in your teenage years, you need a pair of boxing gloves for protection.

The Different Types of Gloves

If you are new to boxing, you may not know that different types of gloves serve other functions. You may have heard of competition, bag, or training gloves, but what are they, how do they differ, and which do you need as a beginner? Here is a breakdown to help you find the ideal type of gloves for you.

Training Gloves

Training gloves are ideal if you are just starting out because they can be used for a range of functions, including heavy bag training and sparring. These gloves are firm, but still shock absorbent, so they protect your hands even when performing heavy sparring or punching heavy bags and are ideal for everyday training. They may also be used for a range of different boxing styles, including Muay Thai boxing.

Bag Gloves

These gloves are primarily used for hitting heavy bags, double end bags, and other types of specialty bags used while training. They usually have a wrap-around closure to make them easier to put on and take off. In most cases, they are also made of a thicker, denser foam to protect your knuckles and wrists from injury when striking a harder heavy bag.

Sparring Gloves

The goal of boxing gloves in sparring is to protect yourself and your partner, and not to knock them out. Sparring can be done with training or bag gloves, but many brands have begun selling dedicated sparring gloves explicitly designed for this activity.

These sparring gloves are comparable to training gloves, but their padding is generally softer or more cushioned than training gloves, with better distribution, which makes impacts a lot less harsh. Sparring gloves are commonly sold in a wide range of weights.

Competition Gloves

You’re unlikely to need a pair of these if you are starting, but it may be worth knowing what they are. Amateur boxing contests typically use a particular style of gloves, which are usually supplied to the fighters.

Depending on the corner in which a fighter is, the gloves are either blue or red. It’s also not uncommon for the knuckle area of these gloves to be highlighted. These features help the judges score the fight much more clearly.

Choosing the Right Boxing Gloves

To begin, you should look for a pair of training or bag gloves. Training gloves are designed with extra protective padding, making them ideal for beginner boxers. Bag gloves are designed for use on heavy bags and have less padding for the knuckles, so the boxer can feel their punches. Boxers should steer clear of fingerless mixed-martial-arts (MMA) gloves, which could be dangerous for a beginner.

Below are some of the most important things to consider before you select a pair of boxing gloves.

What to Consider When Choosing Boxing Gloves for Women

There are three main factors to consider when purchasing boxing gloves for women. First and foremost, size is critical to ensuring a comfortable fit that reduces the risk of injury to the hands and fingers.

Boxing gloves are also available in a variety of weights that range from 8 to 20 ounces. Professional boxers use lighter boxing gloves for training and matches, and heavier gloves, which have thicker padding, are best for beginners and for sparring.

These gloves are also weighed at the front or wrist. Front-weighted gloves include more padding around the fingers, which reduces the force of punches. In contrast, rear-weighted boxing gloves, which are the best boxing gloves for professionals and matches, have slimmer fronts that deliver tougher blows.

How to Determine the Correct Size Boxing Gloves

To determine the correct size boxing gloves, wrap a piece of string or fabric tape measure around your wrist and palm record the measurements in inches. Also, measure the length between your wrist and fingertips.

If your wrist measurement is six inches and below, and your other two measurements are seven inches and below, small or medium-sized womens boxing gloves are right for you. If your measurements are larger than these, a large or extra-large pair of boxing gloves would be suitable for you.

Determine the Type of Gloves You Need

Choosing between front and rear-weighted womens boxing gloves depends on your experience and how the boxing gloves are used. In most cases, weighted gloves are more applicable, especially for beginners planning to use the gloves for anything besides matches or beginner classes.

What About the Weight?

Boxing gloves come in various sizes and shapes, and a lot depends on your preferences for fit, your goals, and how you intend to use the boxing gloves, but a 16-ounce glove is an excellent place to start.

These gloves are bulky enough to provide good weight for cardiovascular conditioning and arm strength while also being sufficiently padded to provide adequate protection for the hands, which are some of many benefits.

When you become a more advanced boxer, you might want to go with a lighter glove. A 10-ounce glove may be preferred by those with more experience and good technique. Lighter boxing gloves enhance the impact on the fists, but also allow for better speed and form training.

Experts recommend choosing 10-ounce boxing gloves if you weigh less than 100 pounds, 12 ounces gloves if you weigh more than 125 pounds, 14-ounce gloves if you weigh more than 150 pounds, and 16-ounce gloves should you weigh more than 200 pounds.

Velcro or Lace Enclosures for Womens Boxing Gloves?

To get a better understanding of each type of enclosure, here is a look at each type and what it has to offer.

Lace-up Boxing Gloves for Women

Lace-up boxing gloves are held in place by a single lace that crosses both sides of each glove and is fastened and tied around the wrist or hand. They are all mostly the same, with flat or ridged surfaces at the back of the wrist that includes extra padding.


  • Close, secure fit around the wrist
  • These boxing gloves often have a more extended cuff than Velcro gloves for a better fit
  • No risk of scratching your opponent with Velcro with each punch


  • Laces need to be fastened by someone else, so they are a less convenient way to fasten boxing gloves
  • They take much longer to put on and take off

Velcro Gloves for Women

Velcro boxing gloves are held together by one or more Velcro straps that go around the glove, pulling each half together and securing them while you continue your training session.

These Velcro straps are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and some manufacturers use two straps that overlap and elasticated Velcro straps to provide different fits.


  • Easy and fast to put on and take off
  • Velcro straps can add to support structure
  • There are several different ways to incorporate Velcro straps so that users can get different fits
  • No help is needed to put these on or take them off


  • Velcro may scratch opponents when throwing punches
  • Cheap Velcro straps can lose their grip over time
  • These gloves usually include less padding around the wrist

Velcro gloves tend to be favored over lace-up gloves because most boxers tend to train alone. However, it all comes down to the user’s preference.

What Is the Best Material for Boxing Gloves?

The most common materials used for boxing gloves are leather (often synthetic leather) vinyl. The material used to make the boxing gloves are important because they influence the durability, performance, comfort, and the cost of the gloves.

Vinyl boxing gloves tend to be a more affordable option, making them great for beginners. However, prolonged usage may cause vinyl gloves to degrade over time, so it is best to use leather gloves to provide long-lasting performance and support.

The truth is that vinyl is much less breathable than leather too, which is an undesirable characteristic because your hands can become sweaty after a long workout. Vinyl gloves also begin to smell bad after a few workouts.

Final Thoughts

Boxing is a great sport that men have often enjoyed. Today, several women enjoy the sport and compete at a professional level.

However, while the number of women who are joining the sport is increasing, the options for women’s gloves are still scarce. Renting used gloves can be quite repulsive, so often, finding your own boxing gloves is essential to enjoy the sport properly.

Therefore, if you are looking for a pair of boxing gloves for sparring that provides adequate support for the wrists and hands, you should get a pair from this list of boxing gloves that incorporate performance with style.

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