The Five Best Muay Thai Shin Guards on the Market: 2021

To avoid unwanted injuries, Muay Thai sparring is usually done with the appropriate protective gear. Aside from a pair of sparring gloves, groin guards, a mouth guard, and headgear (at times) are included in the protective gear list. The most crucial piece of equipment is a good set of shin guards. If at all feasible, the best Muay Thai shin guards are the way to go.

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When you first begin training in Muay Thai or MMA, you immediately understand that shin guards are a must-have item. Whether you’re training Muay Thai or martial arts, you need a good pair of shin guards to protect your ankles, feet, and shins while kicking. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, choosing your shin guards is a crucial decision to make. When it comes to safety, there are no quick fixes, which is why selecting the best shin guards for martial arts or Muay Thai is so crucial.


Our Editor Choice For 2021

Based on our experience, we recommend Venum Elite Shin Guards because they offer excellent protection and feel while still being lightweight enough for daily use.


More About Shin Guards

Shin guards have a long history dating back to ancient Greece and Rome when fighters wore hefty bronze shin guards as a part of their armor.

In today’s world, shin guards, also known as shin pads, are used for protection in a variety of contact sports, including football, baseball, ice hockey, and certainly, martial arts.

When considering the bulk of advanced dojos and fight gyms, sparring is virtually entirely done with shin guards. This is due to the fact that our shins are among the most delicate bones in the body.

Moreover, when your knee or shin bone collides with your own shin for the first time, you might understand why shin pads are so important, particularly during Muay Thai sparring.

Whether you’re a pro fighter or a martial arts fan, the physical pain of being hurt is just as awful as the anguish of being out of operation due to injury. Shin pads are usually required in Muay Thai sparring training for your own and everyone else’s safety.

What Are the Five Best Muay Thai Shin Guards?

The best Muay Thai shin guards must protect your shins while staying mobile and light enough to allow you to move freely while sparring. To keep the shin guards as steady as possible during vigorous sparring, finding the proper fit and size is crucial.

If you are looking for optimum impact absorption, opt for multilayered padding. Top King shin guards are the greatest Muay Thai shin guards, according to various sources.

Consider whether you want the finest overall protection, the lightest weight (for movement), an attractive aesthetic design, or a budget-friendly price.

To help you narrow down your selections, here are our top five recommendations for the top Muay Thai shin guards on the market:

  1. Top King Shin Guard Protector Empower Creativity Superstar
  2. Venum Elite Shin Guards
  3. Yokkao Muay Thai Shin Guards
  4. Hayabusa T3 Striking Shin Guards
  5. Twins Special Classic Shin Guards SGL-2

Venum Elite Shin Guards

Best All-rounder

Venum is our top recommendation if you like bright colors. In addition, Venum is well renowned for its eye-catching aesthetics, but they also create some excellent combat gear.

The Elite shin guards are one of the most fantastic options on the market. These shin guards, like the renowned Venum Elite boxing gloves, are proudly crafted in Thailand for the highest quality assurance, using a higher grade synthetic “skintex” leather.

Venum’s lightweight design allows for uninhibited movement, while the dense two-layer foam padding protects against even the most severe blows. Padding is also present on the foot to provide more comprehensive protection.

Finally, the extra broad double velcro straps ensure a good and secure fit.

They are more expensive, but you get good, long-lasting gear for your money. The Venum Elites are available in all-black, neons, and a basic design.

If you pair these with your Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, your sparring opponents may be blinded by the bright neons and miss your strikes.

Hayabusa T3 Full-Back Shin Guards

Hayabusa T3 Striking Shin Guards

Most Professional

These Hayabusas are one of the top options on the market. They are certainly the finest when it comes to overall protection and reinforced padding. The Hayabusa T3 is the most recent model to replace the Tokushu Regenesis, which was also recommended in the past.

Moreover, the Hayabusa T3 shin guards have been updated to include a number of useful features. These shin guards are more lightweight than previous models and provide the correct combination of protection and movement. The straps are wide and comfy, and the inside lining is non-slip for increased stability during intense sparring.

The best aspect is that the lining has anti-microbial technology, which helps the shin guards last longer by keeping them fresh and smelling good.

Foam padding on both the shin and foot cushioning (which extends all the way to the toes) is thick, and you feel invincible during any sparring sessions.

These, like most Hayabusa gear, have synthetic engineered leather that has been proven to outperform regular leather in tests. Prices are a little pricier than the other options offered, but they are definitely worth it for the overall design quality.

You may want to add the Hayabusa T3 matching gloves, which look amazing.

YOKKAO Muay Thai Shin Guards

Yokkao Muay Thai Shin Guards

Most Protective

The Matrix series from Thailand-based Yokkao features a sleek design with a safe hook and loop strap system, superior quality leather, as well as triple-layer high-impact foam padding.

While these shin guards appear to be very basic, there are a few tiny details that make them one of the top picks on this list.

The interior is non-slip, which keeps your shin guards from slipping during sparring. In addition, the velcro straps are quite comfy and secure, and they do not pinch like buckle straps do.

These lightweight shin guards extend to your knees for added protection, and the foot covers finish the look.

What we also enjoy about these is that they are lightweight while still providing adequate protection. Yokkao shin guards are a wonderful choice because of their classic solid-color designs and overall high quality.

Top Kings Shin Guard

Top King Shin Guard Protector Empower Creativity Superstar

A Great Alternative

Top King’s premium leather shin guards often rank at the top of Muay Thai equipment reviews. These shin guards provide you with adequate protection for all your Muay Thai sparring requirements, with great leg coverage that reaches entirely around your shins and high-density foam cushioning.

The Muay Thai shin guards have a hook and loop strap system that keeps them securely in place for a comfortable and sturdy fit.

Another reason behind the popularity of Top King shin guards among Muay Thai fans is their sleek silhouette. In comparison to the competitors, they fit better, look much better, and feel less cumbersome – making them more mobile.

As a consequence of the compromise made with this design, the sides of the lower legs might not be as well covered.

The empower series’ dual-tone tribal accents give reinforced cushioning for increased protection while also adding a wonderful aesthetic touch. Furthermore, the usual superstar series come highly recommended as well.

Although there are no perfect, Top King produces some of the best shin guards.

RDX Shin Guards

RDX Shin Guards Kickboxing Muay Thai

Most Affordable

We were compelled to include these RDX shin guards because they are one of the first most loved products on the market.

Anyone can use these Muay Thai shin guards for sparring. 

When compared to Top King and Venum shin guards, the RDX products are lighter while providing appropriate protection.

These Maya Hide leather shin guards, like all RDX gear, are of great quality and incredibly durable. The fact that they’re still being used and abused in many people’s gyms after years is a great testimonial to their toughness.

Because the RDX has been around for a long time, its appearance and ergonomics appear archaic in comparison to more recent designs. However, this is old-school workhorse gear that protects your shins – and your sparring opponents – throughout sparring.


How to Choose the Right Shin Guards for Martial Arts

Before we get into the specific recommendations, it is important to understand some of the different qualities and distinctions so you can pick the best Muay Thai shin guards for your sparring. There is no such thing as a flawless shin guard; there is just one that matches your requirements. It is frequently a design of balance and compromise.

Mobility and Protection

Because they cover a bigger area of your legs, the broader the shin guards are, the more protecting they are. However, these are bigger and slow down the movements to some extent as a result of the compromise.

Conversely, the thinner the shin guards, the more lightweight they are, and thus the faster your movements. The disadvantage is that you are more prone to suffer bruises on the parts of your legs that are exposed.

This includes your sparring opponents when it comes to protection. A thicker shin pad feels less painful on one’s sparring partner’s ribs than a thinner one. The same principle applies to sparring with heavier gloves: the thinner the padding, the more impacting your shins feel to the opposition.

Fit and Sizing

Shin guards are normally available in small, medium, large, and X-large sizes. As a result, the bigger the size, the taller the person or the bigger their calves are.

Your MMA shin guards may shift a lot while sparring if they are too big, and you have to adjust them frequently if this is the case. They may not provide sufficient protection, grip too tightly, and be challenging to wear if they are too tiny.

Shin guards come in a variety of sizes and fits. Brand X may fit wider than Brand Y in the same size. On the same day. If you want martial arts shin guards that fit you perfectly, you should try on a few different brands to discover one that you prefer.

Muay Thai Shin Guards vs. MMA Shin Guards

MMA shin guards are less bulky than Muay Thai shin guards because they are built for grappling.

To keep the shin guards in position during intense rolling and scrambling on the floor, MMA shin guards generally come with socks-like sleeves. Under such circumstances, Muay Thai guards secured by straps are impractical.

As a result of this trade-off in mobility, MMA guards do not provide as much protection as Muay Thai guards. Muay Thai has a greater emphasis on striking, particularly with the legs, and you must be adequately protected when blocking and checking your sparring partner’s kicks.

Synthetic Leather vs. Real Leather

Genuine leather, like boxing gloves, is still the most preferred choice when it comes to shin protectors. They endure longer than synthetic shin guards in the vast majority of cases.

High-quality synthetic leather, on the other hand, may sometimes rival the durability of genuine leather. Synthetics may also provide additional alternatives with regard to flashier designs and a wider range of colors. Furthermore, synthetic leather shin guards are also the only option for vegans!

Tips for Choosing the Best Shin Guards

Nevertheless, if you want to get your shin guards from an online store, do not rush and buy them just yet. Before you click the “purchase” button, you need to know the size and model. Here are some pointers on how to pick the proper size and model:

Tip One

The best and the first place you want to go is your fight gym. To ensure proper fit, ask your teachers or gym colleagues whether you can try on their shin guards.

At the gym, you might see a variety of models, brands, and sizes being worn, so you might want to try them all on. It is also a wonderful chance to meet new people at the gym, and don’t forget to ask for sparring suggestions while you are there.

Tip Two

If your gym is of high quality, it is probable that they have their own fight gear line or at least a couple of the more well-known brands. The nicest part about purchasing from your gym is that you can try them on first, and you can almost always get a discount because you’re a member. Prices, on the other hand, are frequently greater than what you can find for identical things online.

Tip Three

In your city or town, there is a strong chance you can locate at least one fight store. If you’re not shy about it, you can go down to check out the variety and test them out before making an online buy.

Getting the Best Out of Your Muay Thai Gear

It might be quite inconvenient if your shin guards shift around a lot during exercise. The following are some of the most common reasons:

Incorrect Sizing

If your shin guards are one size too big, this is most likely the case. You can try to tighten them up even more, although this can be uncomfortable. You’re better off going down a size.

Your Shin Pads Are on the Wrong Legs

Several shin guards have specific left and right sides; therefore, if you put them on incorrectly, they might shift. Before you put them on, double-check.

Inadequate Fastening Design

Many people think it is all about the velcro; however, some brands do it better than others. You might want to consider replacing yours with a newer one to ensure that your pair minimizes shin guard movement. The way that your shin guards fasten contribute towards the leg protection provided.

Buying Shin Guards: Did You Find the Perfect Pair?

We understand how difficult it is to locate the best shin guards for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, or martial arts. However, we hope that this information proved to be useful in your hunt for the ideal shin guards. When shopping for an MMA or Muay Thai style shin guard for sparring or training, the number one priority is to find one that is comfortable while still allowing your body to move naturally. Every shin guard on our list has the potential to provide you with the best possible protection. Do not be discouraged when looking for a pair of shin guards because everyone is unique.

Sparring is enjoyable, and it is where you learn the most about how to improve your game. You now have the opportunity to practice all of the skills. To avoid unwanted injuries, you should only spar with the right protective gear.

The perfect shin guards improve your performance and satisfaction while reducing the risk of sparring injuries. This is true for both seasoned and inexperienced fighters. Train hard while remaining safe.

When it comes to your health and safety, we understand that combat sports is a serious matter. Sparring and training can be risky at times, and we appreciate your trust in our judgment while looking for MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, and Jiu-Jitsu gear. We hope you were successful in your search for the best shin pads for Muay Thai and martial arts training.

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