5 Best Boxing Gloves Kids Love Under $35 2021

It’s never too early to start teaching kids the importance of safety.
Boxing is no exception! You want your child's first experience with this sport, which will be years down line as they grow into adults and continue on in our society, should not only teach them how much strength comes from teamwork but also keep their minds healthy by giving it some excitement through competition that demands more than one person can handle alone.
Many parents are excited about getting boxes for Christmas because now there'll always be new challenges waiting around every corner.

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Kids always love to try new things, and when boxing becomes a part of their lives, they need the right equipment to play the sport safely.

There are many benefits of boxing, and it doesn’t take a lot of products to get started. However, kids’ boxing gloves are crucial for their training. Children have smaller hands and wrists than adults, so they need their own gloves. Otherwise, they might be unable to continue with the sport.

Regardless, the search for the best gloves is over. Instead of going to a store, you can shop online for a faster checkout experience and can get more information whenever necessary by reading the description.

Boxing is there to teach people about willpower, determination, and discipline. Regardless of your story, you probably want your kids to enjoy boxing, and that is understandable.

The good news is that kids are often interested in it. With so many gloves on the market, it’s hard to decide which ones are right for your kids. Therefore, here are the top five items out there that you can shop for:

Top 5 Kids Boxing Gloves

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves on Amazon

RDX Kids MMA Gloves for Boxing

The RDX kids’ boxing gloves are primarily designed for Muay Thai or training. The company uses Maya Hide leather to construct the gloves, which is a high-quality material. Therefore, they are durable and forgivable at the same time.

These gloves are available in two weight options (4 oz. or 6 oz.) That means you can choose the ones that meet your child’s needs. With that, these gloves work well for kickboxing, sparring, and other training purposes.

You’re sure to enjoy these MMA gloves because they’re strong enough for your child to use them for focus pads, grappling dummies, and punching bags. Overall, these products come in various colors, so they can be customized based on what your child likes.

With that, these gloves feature a shock-absorbing foam within them that prevents your child from getting hand injuries. The foam can spread out the impact force more evenly to avoid problems.

Besides those features, the glove offers the Quick EZ wrist construction. The hook ‘n loop closure comes with elastic, so the glove slips on and off effortlessly.

Furthermore, this brand uses Cool X technology in the gloves. This keeps your child’s hands ventilated during their sport session. The inner part uses moisture-wicking technology to keep their hands fresh and reduce the risk of odor development.


  • Two sizes and three color options
  • Easy to use closure
  • Dense latex padding to absorb/spread impacts
  • High-quality Maya Hide leather used for comfort and durability
  • Breathable
  • Suitable for Muay Thai


  • Only two sizes available
Luniquz Kids Boxing Gloves on amazon usa

Luniquz Children’s Gloves

These boxing gloves are sharp-looking and are comfortable and easy to use. They feature a blazing pattern on the fist, so children are sure to like wearing them and might beg to do so. Your child can use them for training, Muay Thai, free punching, gym sessions, and other activities.

The molding cut from the products balances out the flexibility of the gloves, so they still produce a snug fit for your kids’ hands. They are excellent for performing punching bag exercises.

There’s a thick foam added in the fist area, which absorbs impacts and distributes pressure evenly across the surface. With that, you can find a wide Velcro tape on the sleeves. This ensures that you can make the right adjustments based on your child’s needs. Your kid is sure to learn how to keep their wrists in the proper position to avoid sprained wrists.

Additionally, you are sure to appreciate the breathable lining inside these gloves. Plus, there are five vents within the palm region. Ultimately, the vents can keep the palms ventilated correctly and prevent odors from developing. On top of that, there are fewer chances of mold or mildew growing.

When you add the fact that they only weigh 5.6 oz. and come in your choice of colors, they are a great addition.


  • Durable Velcro
  • Vent holes for breathability
  • Extra cushioning for more protection
  • Natural grip for punches
  • Synthetic leather construction


  • Not suitable for children with large hands
Venum Challenger Kids 2.0 on amazon usa

Venum Challenger 2.0 Kids Boxing Gloves

If you want great quality from your kids’ boxing gloves, you have found what you want. These gloves are made for children with big hands.

Ultimately, the gloves feature a high-quality synthetic leather, which offers good durability and resistance. With that, the material is forgiving, so your kids feel comfortable wearing them.

Though some products aren’t padded enough, these have high-quality padding with plenty of it. Therefore, the child doesn’t feel the impacts as much, and anything that does hit hard is distributed evenly. This prevents pain and soreness from punching repeatedly.

You’re sure to appreciate the anatomic curve that the gloves have. Therefore, they are comfortable to wear during training and have great punching power. There’s also a Velcro closure on the gloves to provide more wrist support and ensure a secure grip.

Whether training for a competition or other activities, your kids can use these gloves for them all. Since they only weigh 4 oz., they can use them for bag punches and sparring!


  • Velcro straps for easy adjustability
  • Great for those with large hands
  • Available in three sizes
  • Comfortable design
  • Highly breathable
  • Made using 100 percent synthetic leather
  • High-quality gloves


  • Needs thicker cushioning for the palms and knuckles
Wesing Boxing Gloves Kids on amazon usa

Wesing Boxing Gloves for Children

Wesing is another great brand to consider if you want a pair of kids’ boxing gloves that are designed for bigger hands. They weigh 6 oz. and are suitable for child training.

The gloves are recommended for children between 8 and 15 years old. However, if the child has small hands, it might not be ideal. Regardless, they use a kid-friendly design that kids are sure to love to use. The unique elastic option is great, allowing your child to wear the gloves or remove them quickly.

These products have great breathability because of the palm-hole technology used for construction. The palm side of the gloves ensures that the hands stay cool during the session. In fact, your child can use them for sparring, punching bags, or focus pads.

Though Wesing doesn’t offer much for sizing, they are great for children with bigger hands. Plus, they come in a wide choice of colors, so your child can get something that makes them feel good when they wear them.


  • Usable for sparring and gym training
  • Wesing design is elastic for more maneuverability
  • High-quality synthetic leather for a more durable performance
  • Advanced sponge protection to keep fists safe
  • Palm-hole construction for cool hands during training


  • Only one size available
Everlast Kids Boxing Gloves on amazon usa

Everlast Laceless Gloves

Everlast is a top-quality brand and is known for having durable products. Its kids’ boxing gloves are no different. Though there aren’t many sizes or color options available, the quality of these gloves is quite astounding.

Your child can easily handle various maneuvers used in training because the gloves are made of forgiving materials. Plus, it’s easy to put them on and take them off.

Overall, these gloves are soft padded, making them excellent for gym practice. However, they aren’t suitable for punching bags, though some kids do this sparingly. If your child is interested in competitions, such as for kickboxing, these are a great choice.

With that, Everlast used high-quality synthetic leather to construct the gloves. The material is easy to break in and fits well. Plus, the stitching is designed for long-term use. Overall, the gloves don’t rip at the seams, regardless of how they’re used.

Even though they are small and weigh less than 16 oz., you’re sure to appreciate the simplistic nature. The cuff closure uses elastic, and you can’t adjust them.


  • Easy to use with a slip-on/off design
  • Long-lasting stitching that doesn’t tear off
  • Excellent for competitive or gym training
  • Soft padding
  • Synthetic leather construction


  • Non-adjustable closure and grip
  • No color or size options available

Buyer’s Guide

Your child must wear kids boxing gloves to participate in this fun sport. However, you want to ensure that you’re looking at the best products to order. Overall, boxing can be dangerous, and it’s important to know how to pick the right pair. This means you should learn about sizing, protection, weight, and all the other crucial points. Let’s get started!


Sizing is important here because your child isn’t likely to feel comfortable if the boxing gloves don’t fit properly. Therefore, you must ensure that you choose the right pair and check them for fit and size. A perfect fit means that your kids are safe and confident while training. With that, improper fit and size could lead to injuries.

Overall, the right fit ensures that those gloves are an extension of your kids’ arms, so they can use the gloves like they do their hands. Make sure that you take the time to get the right fit before sending them to a session!

Apart from that, most boxing gloves aren’t categorized based on their size. Instead, they go by weight, which ranges from 8 oz. to 16 oz. However, there’s a catch here: the numbers don’t necessarily define the weight of the gloves accurately. Therefore, a 12-oz. pair might not weigh that much. Things can get tricky, but there’s a simple solution.

Check out our guide about choosing the right size of gloves

Make sure your child wears the gloves before you buy them. If you shop online, ensure that you can return the gloves and still get free shipping. That way, you buy something they feel confident in.

Though it might seem like a good idea to buy something larger so that they “grow into them,” it’s best to choose the size that fits them now. Don’t go too small, either. Otherwise, your child might get pain or sores on their fingers.

Weight and Protection

Another crucial point to consider is the weight and protection of the boxing gloves. When they have more cushioning, the pair offers superior protection, but they’re also heavier. Light cushioning makes the gloves weigh less, but there’s less protection.

Therefore, you must find a balance between the two. Kids are likely to use hand wraps for added protection. You might go with a lighter-weight glove and still come out on top. It all depends on what technique is used for the hand wraps.


You should also think about how the child is likely to use the gloves. If they’re focused on heavy bag training, you need appropriate protection in the gloves.

It’s a sturdy and tough bag, so it could damage the gloves. With that, there must be appropriate cushioning, or your kids’ hands might become injured. The design for boxing gloves is a little different for sparring because they focus more on the knuckles and protecting the opponent.

Heavy Bag Training

Heavy bags are one of the most damaging training types for gloves that a boxer might do. Kids must hit a strong, heavy, and tough bag repeatedly, which means having the right gloves for the job.

If you know that your child wants to hit heavy bags as part of their training, they need appropriate gloves. Those include quality padding for the knuckle area. Plus, the gloves must be constructed of a durable material.


If your child likes sparring, they need a similar type of glove as for heavy-bag training. However, there are a few differences. Though the padding on the knuckle is crucial, it’s for a different purpose now. With the heavy bag, you want to minimize damage to the glove; for sparring, you’re hoping to reduce the risk of damage to the knuckles and opponent.

Typically, you want sparring gloves for Muay Thai and other kickboxing activities. Overall, the weight should be less, and other materials are used.

General Workouts

Typically, general workout gloves are ideal for most children because they cover all the bases without specializing in a particular area. If your child is just learning about kickboxing or boxing, this is a great choice.

These items should still have the same features as high-end options and could move the child into a specific training exercise. However, they’re great for beginners who are just starting out and learning about the benefits of boxing.

This style is probably the most suitable for boxing gloves because coaches usually have beginners try various training circuits and techniques during the first few months. You can always ask the coach what they recommend.

Though general-purpose gloves are suitable for group workouts and beginners, eventually, you should expect to invest in more than one pair. Your child might develop as a boxer quickly, so their form and technique get better, and they grow stronger.

Those things combined indicate that they can hit harder, and their gloves are put through more work during each session. Overall, it’s best to talk to the child’s coach to find out what options are most suitable. If nothing else, you could wait to buy the gloves until your child decides which route to take.

Color and Design

Most parents don’t think about the color or design of the boxing gloves, but kids often like to see bold colors and patterns. It makes them feel powerful, which could give them the self-confidence necessary to do their best and truly succeed.

Though the benefits of boxing are prevalent, children who don’t like their gloves might not want to participate in the sport. Ultimately, they care about looking cool with their partners and friends, so you should ensure that they get to pick the color or pattern for themselves. Many of the brands have multiple options, so you’re sure to find something that meets their needs and helps them feel good.

Wrist Support

Wrist support from a pair of boxing gloves usually focuses primarily on the closing mechanism. Velcro items are a popular choice because it’s easy to make adjustments based on preferences and need.

In the past, many people used laced gloves, but they are much harder to handle, especially if the kids tend to train alone. It’s easier to use Velcro on your own, and it features simple adjustability. Heavy wrist supports are good for the wrists, but the gloves are often less maneuverable, which your child might need for Muay Thai sessions.


When you shop for boxing gloves, it’s not just about looks. That might be what your child cares about, but you want to ensure that the gloves are forgiving, durable, tough, and protective. Therefore, synthetic leather is the best option for construction.

In the past, genuine leather was used for such items. However, they were more expensive because of that. Vinyl is another choice and is often used for kids’ boxing gloves. Though it’s cheaper than synthetic materials and leather, it’s not very long-lasting.


Clearly, you know that there are many benefits of having children box. They learn to protect themselves, understand discipline, and can toughen up their bodies. Having the right pair of kids’ boxing gloves is crucial.

Though you’ve learned about the best brands and products, you may still have questions. Those who aren’t sure how to choose the right pair can read the buyer’s guide. If that didn’t help with your query, consider the FAQs below. That way, you know everything you can about boxing gloves and how to take care of them.

How Do You Know If Your Child Has the Right Boxing Gloves?

Overall, your child should tell you that those kids’ boxing gloves are comfortable to use and wear. There should be no pain when they strike something. With that, make sure that they aren’t positioning their hands awkwardly just to get the items off.

Whether for Muay Thai, kickboxing, or other boxing activities, look to your child to see if the gloves fit properly.

How Do You Take Care of the Boxing Gloves?

You can’t just purchase a pair of boxing gloves, wear them, and toss them on the floor until the next session. You must ensure that the items are cleaned regularly to remove fungus and bacteria. Wipe them down after each use and consider spraying the insides with anti-fungal spray, such as Lysol.

Make sure that you have a safe place to store them, which is not in the kids’ room. They must be in a cool, dry place to avoid mildew or mold development. On top of that, they should be kept out of direct sunlight.

If you do go with a pair made of genuine leather, you should use leather oil. Most parents prefer to buy two pairs of the same brand and rotate them after each session.

Can You Clean the Boxing Gloves with Hot Water?

Yes, it is possible to use hot water on kids’ boxing gloves. However, it should not be boiling. Some gloves can be tossed into the washing machine with other items. Read the label from the manufacturer before trying to wash the gloves.

How Do You Ensure that the Gloves Last Longer?

The primary way to make sure that the items last a long time is to buy quality products. Once you’ve bought them, you should keep them clean (inside and out) and watch for tears or cracks. Along with that, one idea is to buy two pairs at the same time and rotate them.


With so many benefits of boxing and competition, you might want your children to participate in the sport. To do that effectively and safely, they need the right items, which include kids’ boxing gloves, hand wrapping materials, and more.

You’ve learned how to purchase boxing gloves, and the winner today is from the RDX brand. These gloves are available in various colors and sizes, so they should fit your child’s hands well. With that, they prevent injuries because of the synthetic leather used and high-quality padding. Since they have Velcro straps, they’re easy to adjust and can be used for competition or practice.

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