Boxing Gloves: Training with Pads or Non-Pads?

The boxing gloves pads question can be a tricky one to answer. There are many considerations when deciding whether or not boxing gloves pads should be used in your practice sessions, such as the type of boxing you will be doing and what kind of surface you will practice on. To help you make an informed decision about this important piece of boxing equipment, let's dive in.

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What are boxing gloves pads?

A pad is a protective target on the hands or arms of your training partner for high-impact strikes. It’s the closest you can get to recreating a real fight without engaging in full-contact combat. Boxing and Muay Thai pads improve and perfect every aspect of your fighting style, from punch speed to foot coordination.

What professionals are saying?

Many fighters wonder if they should buy boxing gloves pads to enhance their skills. The boxing industry sees this question often but there is no clear answer. As a matter of fact, some trainers believe boxing gloves without pads are better for beginners because they allow you to focus on the fundamentals of boxing and improve your accuracy first before moving on to speed training with boxing pad workouts.

Others disagree by saying that wearing boxing gloves without pads will not develop boxing handspeed and boxing footwork as fast as boxing gloves with pads. The difference is that pad-less boxing gloves require you to use the correct punching technique, otherwise your knuckles will feel their full impact on a strong punch or hook.

Some trainers also believe non-padded boxing training may cause injury because inexperienced boxers tend to punch fast but without boxing gloves pads control. This is why they usually recommend boxing glove pad training for beginners so you can build up to form and technique before moving on to speed training with boxing hand pads.

So should I use boxing gloves pads?

It’s best if, at the beginning of your boxing career, you start boxing with boxing gloves pads and then move on to boxing glove non-pads. Once you’re confident in your boxing skills, start practicing without the pad for better speed training results.

5 Best boxing gloves pads reviews

As boxing gloves pads are so popular, we couldn’t help but notice that there is no such thing as the best boxing gloves pad. There’s only a bunch of different boxing hand pads used for speed training and boxing basics. To make it easier for you to choose one from this crowded market, here are some reviews on our top five favorite boxing gloves pads.

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